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Written, produced & performed

by Kal Mansoor


Directed by Rick Allen Wilson

A Brief History of Colonization is a one-man comedy show about a culturally conflicted British-Indian comedian who tries to make a Hollywood movie about India's colonial past, forcing him to revisit his own and discover the beauty of his heritage, despite what he has been led to believe about it by mainstream media. Starring Pacino! Walken! McConaughey! *Some actors may not be present. 

Thank you so much to everyone who has come out to see the show so far, you have been an amazing audience!

We will return!

Thanks for the support, New York Foundation for the Arts!



Why would I do something like this?

Media is the mirror in which we see ourselves reflected, but unfortunately for some, it doesn't always reflect very well. A lifetime of being erased from history or portrayed negatively in the media can irreparably shape someone's identity. Growing up, I only ever saw the white guy getting the girl, saving the day, solving the crime,

so that's what I wanted to be...white. 

Representation matters. 



This was written by an Indian-American high school student and explains perfectly why I wrote the show.


Where do I know that guy from?

Some of you MIGHT have seen me on this show a while back.


A sneak peek...

Photos, videos, social media (and lots of other things) by

Shantel Moses

They look like they're enjoying the show...or maybe they're just thinking about getting Indian food after?

This is what happened when the Danish tried to colonize India.



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